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The SMU Sports Union (SSU) is the largest student constituent body in SMU. Established in 2005, SSU currently has over 2000 members in 32 sports clubs.


As a union, SSU strives to champion initiatives which promote the vibrant sporting culture in SMU and be a voice for the athletes to the school and SMU administration.


They aim to do this by fostering cohesiveness, enhancing welfare, and providing platforms for the entire SMU student population to interact via sports. This can be seen from their annual signature events as well as the events hosted by their clubs.


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Sports Fiesta, happening from 4 to 6 July 2023, is a highly-anticipated orientation camp for freshmen to experience SMU's vibrant sporting culture! During this annual orientation event, participants will have the chance to try and learn about SSU's 32 sports clubs through exciting games and challenges. It's an amazing avenue for you to forge lasting friendships and truly get a taste of what SSU has to offer.


Dates of Run: 4 to 6 July 2024

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Additionally, SSU aims to showcase SMU's vibrant sporting culture through their other signature events such as Inter-Faculty Games (IFG), Sports Appreciation Night (SAN), and Waikiki! 


Apart from adding vibrancy through their events, SSU aims to ensure that SSU members are taken care of through their annual welfare events. Fun giveaways and challenges are also common so you’ll never be bored when you’re a member of SSU! 


Excited about being part of this unique community? We’d love for you to join the SSU Family. Find out more here!

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