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The Blue And Gold (TBNG) is SMU's premier online publication under SMUSA.


As the students' voice, TBNG is an integral press platform for all CCAs and student bodies, covering everything from opinion pieces to lifestyle features. TBNG aims to hone the editorial skills of aspiring writers, editors, and journalists, by providing an avenue for them to express their opinions of current events on and off campus. If you are looking for opportunities to expand your worldview, master critical thinking, and write clearly, TBNG is the place to be.


Other than holding Writing Workshops, TBNG members also attend and review media events such as plays, festivals and productions to bring colour to the readers’ eyes as student journalists! If you’re interested to become a writer, do look out for TBNG recruitment emails or drop them a message on Instagram.


As the voice of the students, TBNG members listen, write and report. Opinion pieces and thoughtful articles are the staple. Beyond that, TBNG aims to help their writers and the larger student population to express themselves better through words and to have fun while at it. So writing workshops we organise, for writing well is the prize.


Do you love writing, and have time to spare this summer? TBNG will be hosting an exciting writing workshop this summer for all students, freshmen included, to hone your writing skills! Look out for more information that will be sent via email and Instagram.



TBNG is committed to helping freshmen learn about student life at SMU. If you're a CCA representative itching to share more about your club happenings or just a helpful senior-to-be who is keen on divulging your secrets to success in SMU, please contact TBNG. 


Note: All published articles will be appropriately credited.

TBNG Summer Plans
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