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In celebration of Halloween and to highlight our focus of the year, mental wellness, SMUSA's Welfare Drive is themed The SMUSA Experience: High-Low-Win. High-Low-Win signifies that we all face high and low points in our lives but that is perfectly alright as long as we are all striving to move forward and better ourselves everyday.


Through our Welfare Drive, SMUSA has partnered with Intellect and HearMe.App, which are mental wellness applications that are readily available on mobile phones to provide students with mental support through these times.


Catering more than 1000 High-Low-Win goodie bags, SMU students signed up for timeslots over the span of 2 weeks to collect their welfare.


SMUSA was unable to carry out Welfare Drive the usual way this time round, where students get to gather and mingle around with great food and better company. However, that did not stop us from showing care and concern for the student population.


This time, SMUSA partnered with POPULAR (SMU) to create a DIY Welfare Kit experience for 1000 lucky students. Themed "The SMUSA Experience: Like It? Grab It!", students signed up for collection slots on a first-come-first-serve basis, and went to POPULAR (SMU) during their scheduled slot to grab 5 items that they like, from essential stationery to childhood snacks.


SMUSA's Biannual Event is held once per semester to bring students together and enhance student life in SMU. Every biannual event is different, unique and will surely bring surprises to spark some fun in your student life amidst the academic rigour.


In light of COVID-19, SMUSA has launched The SMUSA Experience: UNITE, an online initiative to raise funds for SMU students who require financial support under the SMU Bursary Fund.

A total of 8 unique Instagram challenges have been created by SMUSA, ACF, ASoc, ICON, SICS, SMUX, SSU and The Bar for students to partake in. For every successful challenge completed, SMUSA contributes $10 to the fund.

From 19 October 2020 to 20 November 2020, SMUSA aims to raise a total of $20,000 through this initiative and contribute back to the SMU community. We hope that through this initiative, not only would it help those in need financially, but also to promote mental and physical wellness in a fun and meaningful way.


Through our journey in SMU, we all make friends along the way. Some are friends whom you've met at camps, some are friends from your project groups. In one way or another, your friends have been there for you during the good and bad times. However, we often take what our friends do for us for granted.


"The SMUSA Experience: Cherish" hopes to give students the opportunity to show appreciation to their friends who have been there for them in various ways. It was planned to be a large-scale event held in school, where students come together to create appreciation pack for their friends. The event was shifted to Instagram as a giveaway contest, amid the COVID-19 crisis, where students describe about their friends by creating a creative acronym with their names.


To boost student morale during peak seasons in the semester, SMUSA organises Welfare Drives to cheer SMUSA members on to push through the tough exam and project weeks. The items range from the trendiest food to the most popular stationery items. As all undergraduates are SMUSA members, everyone is eligible to collect SMUSA's welfare, so do look forward to SMUSA's Welfare Drives!

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