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This initiative was created to share how SMUSA and the school offices work together to address the popular queries received from our feedback form. Through this, we aim to provide more transparency on the work flow between us and the offices — how we work together to further improve student life based on feedback received.

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In our first edition, we worked with PVO and the Vice Provost Team.


We raised concerns regarding:

  • Alternative class arrangements and academic support for students affected by COVID-19

  • Safe management measures in classes

We received assurances from them that their top priority is to ensure the educational experience of all students are not negatively impacted by COVID-19, and that they would assist students to the best of their abilities(For example, should students have to miss lessons, their instructors would have to provide them with all the support necessary to catch-up, in the form of online recordings or individual consultations)


In our second edition, we worked with Office of Campus Infrastructure and Services (OCIS). 

We raised concerns regarding:

  • Facilities

  • Increasing variety of food in SMU and addressing issues on food options 


  1. Lack of water coolers on campus in places with higher footfall. 

We have recommended that water coolers be installed at the SMU concourse, SSLs and L7 of SOE. 
OCIS' response: 5 new water dispensers will be installed: 2 units inside SCIS B1 SSL, 2 units outside SOE B1 toilets after the Arts and Cultural Centre, and 1 unit at SOE L7 Multi-purpose Area by September 2022.

2. Faulty facilities in campus (power sockets in the SOE study lounge, air-conditioning in the gym, GSR motion sensors etc.,). 
OCIS has repaired the faulty items and is contactable at 6828 0343 or for further assistance.

3. Cleanliness of facilities (coffee/blood/water stains etc.,) 
OCIS has steam cleaned the couches and is looking into upholstery for the couches (replacing the cushions or couches) by end-2022.


  1. Increasing food variety 

There are discussions underway between potential vendors and OCIS, and students can look forward to new stalls on campus by September. The food trucks initiative will continue next semester.

​2. Lack of halal food options

OCIS is keen on having more halal certified vendors in SMU. However, due to SMU’s close proximity to malls, they face great difficulty in sourcing vendors who are willing to operate here. As such, if you are aware of any vendors, please feel free to reach out to OCIS or SMUSA. 


3. Identifying food options that are halal certified, vegetarian etc.

OCIS has sent out EDMs containing the information and mentioned that SMU’s website contains the information ( Moving forward, wayfinding screens will have visuals containing the information too.

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