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The academic journey in SMU is one that can be challenging to transition to, especially without sufficient guidance. SMUSA has consolidated the information you need from different sources into one platform in the form of guidebook. We hope that the information provided will be greatly beneficial for all SMU students.


[UPDATED] SMUSA BOSS Bidding Guidebook 2020_compressed.pdf.png

The first guidebook we have introduced is the BOSS Bidding Guidebook.


SMU adopts the Bidding Online SyStem, also known as BOSS, where students place bids for the modules they are interested to enrol in for the term. The bidding period before the start of every term is often a stressful one for students, as the amount of information found on the BOSS application can be overwhelming.


This guidebook will allow students to be more informed about the functions on BOSS, especially before the bidding windows begin.


Following our BOSS Bidding Guidebook, the second guidebook SMUSA has launched is the OASIS Guidebook.

OASIS is a system used by SMU for students to access many self-service applications, from individual's academic-related information to financial matters and more.


SMUSA has created this guidebook to make it easier for students to be more aware of what these applications have to offer. If you are a SMU undergraduate, do browse through this guidebook.

SMUSA OASIS Guidebook 2020 (1).pdf.png


SMUSA ISEP Guidebook 2020.pdf.png

Here's our third guidebook, the International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP) Guidebook.


We know that the process of planning for an exchange can be stressful, with the many administrative tasks that comes with planning and applying for one.

This guidebook consolidates the OASIS applications that are related to exchange and informs you on how to navigate around them. We have also included a few additional tips that you might find beneficial in your entire ISEP experience!


Introducing our fourth guidebook, the Freshie's Beginner Guide to SMU.


You're an incoming freshmen and you're worried of school? Fret not! Gear up for your SMU journey with this guidebook! From academics, to places to eat, we've got you covered.


Entering into a new learning environment can be rather daunting because we've been there before (Psst... feel free to slide into our DMs!). This guidebook will give you a brief overview on the important aspects about being a part of the SMU student body. 

SMUSA Freshies Guidebook 2022 (3) (1).png
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