It is no doubt that academics add on to the pressure that students face daily. Furthermore, the COVID-19 situation this year has caused many students to face additional stress. Hence, to encourage students to prioritise their well-rounded and holistic well-being, SMUSA aims to support you through the tough times, being there with you and for you. 

SMUSA works closely with Mrs Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Center (MWKLSWC) to provide students with information about counselling services as well as tips to maintain a healthy mind. 


The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the pace of learning for every student in numerous ways. The constant changes in the course outline and curriculum has undoubtedly increased stress and anxiety as students are expected to adapt to the changes as quick as they came. On top of keeping up with curriculum changes, students also had to attend seminars through WebEx, which although was inevitable, was not very conducive for many.

Through this initiative, SMUSA aims to protect, support and uplift the mental and emotional well-being of students by providing self-care tips and some words of encouragement through SMUSA's Instagram. We coined this initiative “The SMUSA Experience: FINAL-E” as this was introduced during the finals period; before the conclusion of the semester.

In addition, we encourage students to spread positivity to peers around them, and to go beyond the SMU community, showing support to our frontline heroes who are keeping Singapore going.

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