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SMUXploration Crew (SMUX) is one of the four CCA Constituent Bodies in SMUSA.


SMUX represents the outdoor and adventure wing of SMU. We are a tight-knit family of 6 teams - Biking, Diving, Kayaking, Skating, Trekking and Xseed! We offer a range of opportunities locally and overseas to explore the outdoors and welcome individuals of all levels of experience. Through our activities, which span from beginner-friendly explorations to more advanced expeditions, we hope to provide an avenue for all SMU students to take part in outdoor adventure activities.



SMUX Euphorux is our annual event which allows

incoming freshmen to be exposed to the various

SMUX teams. Through this orientation event,

participants will be able to meet like-minded

peers and forge friendships as they challenge

themselves via the range of activities SMUX offers.

Join us for our exciting line-up of activities!

Dates of Run: 3 - 4 August 2023

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