OIKOS is the student representative body of the School of Economics (SOE).


The vision of OIKOS is to foster one OIKOS family. OIKOS strives to empower students with information, resources and opportunities that enable them to make informed choices regarding their education and careers. Apart from providing practical help, OIKOS organises student life activities to encourage a balanced student life here at SMU. Most importantly, the society aims to foster a strong sense of community spirit and for students to take away strong and lasting friendships throughout the course of their study.


Economics freshmen will be divided into small groups together with facilitators who will advise you on everything about SMU Economics, from school life to academics.


Meetings will be held online, and you can take this opportunity to make new friends from the incoming batch and learn more about the course.

OIKOS Camp is an orientation camp to welcome and help incoming Economics freshmen integrate into SMU. In light of COVID-19, this year's camp will not take place physically, but OIKOS has some online plans for you!


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