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The SMU College of Integrative Studies Society, inCISive, is the newest Student Constituent Body in SMU. inCISive strives to be the hub for all our students to receive support through our welfare drives and customizable academic guidance by our tight-knit, specialised faculty and staff. Concurrently, CIS students will receive constant mentorship support from our college board of directors, enabling them to pursue their professional interests while studying. Prospective students will foster long-lasting friendships and explore the CBD district through our Freshmen Orientation camp, and interact with industry professionals through our upcoming Integrative Fiesta and more to come.



Espion will be held from 22-23 July, bringing together all of you, our pioneer batch of CIS students, an alias name for protégé mercenaries. Notoriously revered as the “King of Spies” by his adversaries, spy boss, Sic, has instructed his henchmen to recruit the bravest, stealthiest and wittiest spies to test their combat skills in his underground spy dojo. Protégés will have their problem-solving and communication skills challenged as they race against time to overtake, sabotage, and prove themselves worthy to join Sic’s elite spy army. To assess the skills of his protégés, Sic has ordered these spy clans to infiltrate the CIS tower within 36 hours and steal the Sundown Ruby - a jewel that has immense power to alter the fate of mankind. This is no easy feat - this infamous tower is the most impenetrable in the world; guarded by high-safety defences, mind-splitting codes, deadly obstacles and much more. Dangerous rivalry lurks in the shadows as protégés will be tasked to decipher hidden messages and coerced to employ saboteur tactics. A watery grave awaits these clans should they fail to impress Sic and his henchmen… This is Operation: Sundown Ruby - are you up for the challenge?

This year, Espion will take place physically in one run: 

Dates of Run: 22 - 23 July 2023

Check out our social media channels for more information,

InCISive hopes to see you at there! 

Instagram: @smuincisive

SMU CIS Espion
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