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Bondue is the student representative body of the Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB).


Bondue seeks to unify SMU Business students while serving their welfare, social, academic, and professional interests. Bondue organises signature events such as Bondue Camp, Slightly Scarlet, Alumni Networking Night, and Bondue Business Forum. Additionally, Bondue spearheads several unique initiatives which range from spreading positivity within the community and promoting mindfulness practices to remind students of the importance of self-care, to leading sustainable change in LKCSB.



As you explore the fantastical wilderness realm of Xenos, you will encounter mysterious ruins, strange creatures, and various challenges. But fear not, for you will work alongside like-minded adventurers to overcome obstacles and preserve the throne of Xenos.

Welcome to SMU Bondue Camp 2023! Join us as we embark on a thrilling expedition to the land of Xenos. Be the first of 4 powerful clans - Arkouda, Ekara, Koena and Panthera, to search for a precious gem and rescue the ruler of Xenos, King Evander, from the clutches of the evil Lord Erebus.

At Camp Kasada, we believe in the power of adventure and the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Run 1: 19 - 21 July 2023

Run 2: 28 - 30 July 2023

One Bondue, One Family 💙

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