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Bondue is the student representative body of the Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB).


Bondue seeks to unify SMU Business students while serving their welfare, social, academic, and professional interests. Bondue organises signature events such as Bondue Camp, Alumni Networking Night, and Bondue Business Forum. Additionally, Bondue spearheads several unique initiatives which range from spreading positivity within the community and promoting mindfulness practices to remind students of the importance of self-care, to leading sustainable change in LKCSB.



Camp Ascentia follows 4 formidable clans—Aeris, Ignis, Kairos, and Theios—in search of an ancient artefact known as the Sceptre, concealed within the hallowed halls of the university. Legend has it that whoever wields the Sceptre will gain unparalleled power and wisdom, setting them on the path to greatness. As the clans embark on their expedition, a malevolent force known as Zephyr threatens their quest as he steals the Sceptre and disrupts the peace of the land.

Throughout their journey, the 4 clans will encounter countless battles and challenges. As they seek to restore the peace of the land, these heroes must work together to defeat Zephyr and reclaim the stolen Sceptre.


Run 1: 12-14 July

Run 2: 24-26 July

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime and sign up for Camp Ascentia today!

One Bondue, One Family 💙

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