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The Accounting Society (ASoc) is the student constituent body of the School of Accountancy (SoA).


ASoc strives to establish an integrative culture for their students and promote an environment for holistic development. ASoc organises many events yearly, ranging from academic and professional development to welfare drives and community service projects, to engage students and cultivate a vibrant student life. ASoc’s signature events include ASoc Camp, ASoc Night and Project Moolah. More importantly, ASoc represents the students' viewpoints and needs when engaging with various University offices and external stakeholders.



In the mystical land of Eternus, there lived 4 powerful clans- Aries, Kredos, Ventus and Niveus. The nation’s War God, The Supreme, decided to host a grand tournament where the 4 clans would compete to find the Ultimate Weapon - The Aura Sphere, which is said to embody the powers of all 4 elements. However, in their quest for the Aura Sphere, their greatest enemy, Diablo, uncovered the weapon first. Join the 4 clans as they race against time to claim back the Aura Sphere and restore peace back to Eternus before it's too late!

ASoc Camp is one of ASoc’s signature events aimed at welcoming the next batch of Accountancy freshmen into the school. Look forward to fun games, new experiences and an exhilarating beach day with your friends! We hope that through this camp, you will be able to make fond memories, forge meaningful friendships and have the best time!


Date: 25th July - 27th July 2024

See you there at ASoc Camp 2024!

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Camp Lucidum
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