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The Accounting Society (ASoc) is the student representative body of the School of Accountancy (SOA).


ASoc strives to establish an integrative culture for their students and promote an environment for holistic development through academics, events, professional development and student life. ASoc organises many events yearly to engage and reach out to students, including their signature events: ASoc Camp, ASoc Night and Project Moolah. More importantly, ASoc represents the students' viewpoints and needs when engaging with various University offices and external stakeholders.


Join us in the fantasy Land of Lucidum, where four clans compete in a series of trials to regain the Chalice of Valetudo. With the Chalice, the thousand-year winter can finally end and the worthiest tribe will restore the Land of Lucidum.


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Instagram: @asoccamp

ASoc Camp is an orientation camp to welcome and help incoming Accountancy freshmen integrate into SMU. In light of COVID-19, this year's camp will not take place physically, but ASoc has some online plans for you!

Are you ready to debit some fun and credit your boredom away this summer? SMU Accounting Society brings you Camp Lucidum! Enjoy fun-filled games and activities in the comfort of your home while forging meaningful friendships!

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