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The SMUSA Executive Committee (ExCo), alongside deputies from its eight respective departments play an essential role in promoting a vibrant student life in SMU. This is where they work closely together on a daily operational basis to organise events & initiatives for the student body all year round.



The President and Vice-President chart the strategic direction of SMUSA towards its vision and mission. By working closely with the School Offices, the senior management in particular, they ensure that student voices are represented and heard by the school. Both of them also represent SMUSA to engage with external stakeholders. Together, they ensure that SMUSA upholds the image as a reliable organisation.

PVP 2024

From left: Kelly Goh (President), Tay Wen Xing (Vice-President)


From left: Joel Foo, Isabelle Tay, Tee Ying Qi

The Finance department manages the SMUSA accounts and bills, and reports the audited statement of income and expenditure with the balance sheet at SMUSA Annual General Meeting (AGM). They also work with the Finance in-charge from the CBds in the Finance Committee to ensure efficacy use of budget during the Budget Endorsement Meeting (BEM).

HGS 2024


From left: Jovan Tan, Christin Choo, Erika Fam, Clara Ng

The Secretariat department convenes all Executive Committee, Council and General meetings. They also attend to enquiries from students and external stakeholders, and enforce various Standing Orders to ensure that CBds properly utilise emails and posters placed around campus. In addition, the team is in-charge of the Elections Fever.


From left: Chen Tongshan, Lam Wen Ting, Ong Yi Fei, Adeliah Quek, Ethan Tan

The Academic & Welfare department oversees matters regarding academic and professional development as they work closely with many SMU Offices, especially SMU Libraries, to ensure that students' concerns are reflected and addressed by the school. The team also looks after the mental well-being of students, by organising events such as Welfare Drives and other initiatives.

A&W 2024
Comms 2024


From left: Leong Jia Mei, Kisha San Juan, Marco, Eu Xin Yi, Mia Grecia

The Communications department is responsible for the branding and publicity of SMUSA, ensuring that the novelty of the brand is safeguarded. The team carries out marketing and public relations functions by managing all SMUSA media platforms. They also oversee SMU's online publication arm, The Blue And Gold. In addition, the Communications Deputies assume the role of Marketing Directors for SMUSA events in the summer and during the semester. 


From Left:

1st slide Jovial Loong, Harmeet Singh

2nd slide: Nurqistina Ayu, Sabrina Koswara
3rd slide: Chrissie Lim, Thu Ta Tun
4th slide: Edna Pang, Cosette Wong, Denise Chan, Jamie
5th slide: Philina Wo, Tracy Cher, Soo Yong Wei, Teo Yin Yan

6th slide: Tay Jia Sheng, Elizabeth Ong, Quek Si Min, Elysia Cheong

The Corporate Relations department is the Business Development and Partnerships arm of SMUSA. The team regularly interacts with a multitude of sponsors to secure corporate sponsorships and partnerships that seeks to enhance student life. At the same time, they ensure that sponsors engaged by all CBds are in the interests of students by enforcing the Sponsorship Standing Order.

BizPVP 2024_edited.jpg
Events 2024


From left: Sivaghami Lakshmanan, Gwyn Ang, Crystal Tan, Dayna Tan

The Events department heads the Events Committee to ensure that all events in the summer are scheduled in an orderly manner. They manage SMUSA summer events, such as Freshmen Orientation and Vivace, where the Events Deputies chair these events. During the semester, they organise SMUSA bi-annual events, SMUSAfiesta, to enhance student life in SMU. The Events team works closely with the Office of Student Life (OSL) to effectively connect students with SMUSA.



From left: Briandley Ang

The International Students' Secretary of SMUSA represents the voices of all international students in SMU and champions integration within the SMU community. Concurrently the President of International Connections (ICON), a standing committee under SMUSA, the International Students' Secretary leads ICON together with ICON's Management Committee to celebrate cultural diversity and cultivate a familial culture in SMU.

ICON 2024
Ops 2024


From left: Denise Tan, Brayden, Nidhi Kaneri, Lee Jia Han, Pang Jin Rong

The Operations department strategically manages all of SMUSA facilities and logistics, and oversees the internal asset management processes in SMUSA. They also work with Operations Director from the CCA CBds for Asset Endorsement Meeting (AEM) and the Office for Campus and Infrastructure (OCIS) and Office of Safety and Security (OSS) regarding campus facilities matters. The team aims to create a comfortable and conducive space for all SMU students.

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