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The SMU Arts & Cultural Fraternity (ACF) is one of the four CCA Constituent Bodies that are a part of SMUSA.


SMU ACF works together with the SMU’s 22 arts and cultural clubs, supporting their artistes in the promotion and pursuit of their artistic endeavours. It also provides platforms and opportunities for clubs to expand their reach to the SMU family and the community at large. 


The Fraternity seeks to reinvent one’s journey in SMU, and to help rediscover what it means to be part of the SMU vibrancy as One Fraternity, One Family.


Happening across the year, some of SMU ACF’s most exciting flagship events include its highlight Arts Camp (freshmen orientation camp), ACF Night and Welfare Drives! Stay tuned to other special events coming your way this year!

ACF Arts Camp: Cityscape 2023

ACF is home to a grand total of 22 different arts clubs, piquing interests of almost any individual. On top of providing multiple platforms for students to explore and express their inner artists, ACF also takes pride in ensuring that its members have an unforgettable and enjoyable campus life, holding events such as ACF night and multiple welfare drives.

What are you waiting for! Registration opens from 1 June to 20 June, sign up now before the slots start flying off the shelves!


Arts Camp is ACF's annual orientation camp to introduce the incoming freshmen to the wide range of arts clubs in SMU. Through exciting workshops facilitated by the arts clubs themselves, the freshmen will be able to gain some insights into the vibrant arts culture SMU boasts.

Dates of Run: 30 June - 2 July 2023

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