How do I apply for internships?

Do refer to OASIS > OnTRACII > Undergraduate Career Services

How do I connect my laptop to the school’s printer cloud?

Visit the IT Help Centre (Next to School of Accountancy’s basement lift).

Where do I go if I have problems resetting my SMU account passwords or any IT related problems?

Visit the IT Help Centre (Next to School of Accountancy’s basement lift)

Where can I pay my school fees/miscellaneous fees?

Visit the Student Services Hub (located opposite Booklink).

How do I apply for Scholarships and Bursaries?

Do refer to OASIS > Financial Aid Applications. Take note that different Scholarships and Bursaries have different application periods, so look out for emails that declares its application period. SMUSA also offers the SMUSA-BIZCOM CCA Scholarship.

How do I join SMUSA as a Deputy?

SMUSA recruits Deputies in the first few weeks of January so do look out for our recruitment emails.

How do I run for SMUSA Executive Committee?

General Elections will take place in September, where you can choose to run for SMUSA Executive Commitee (ExCo). Should you receive the required number of votes, you will have a seat in the ExCo. Internal Elections will take place in October, where the different roles are decided.

How do I put posters along the concourse or the general noticeboard?

Please refer to the SMUSA Poster Guidelines under the Helpdesk Tab. It can be found under the Secretariat’s Poster Guidelines. Students must also email the SMUSA Honorary General Secretary ( to arrange an appointment to approve.

Academic & Welfare

What are the processes involved in BOSS Bidding/How do I BOSS Bid?

You can look out for our OASIS/BOSS Bidding Handbook.

When will SMUSA release the SMUSA Students Survey?

The survey will be released to students once every term. Look out for the survey in your email.

When will I get my e$ from completing the SMUSA Students Survey?

e$ will be issued to you before your next bidding window. If there are any discrepancies, please email the SMUSA Academic & Welfare Secretary at

Will I be entitled to SMUSA’s welfare?

As long as you are a matriculated SMU student, you will be entitled to our welfare! Do note that the event may be capped to a certain number of participants, hence participation is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

When are SMUSA Welfare Drives usually held?

Our Welfare Drives are conducted once per semester.

How do I check my term results on OASIS?

You may:

  • Refer to E-learn’s ‘results’ tab in each module’s page
  • Refer to OASIS -> Examination Grades
  • Wait for the official email sent by the Office for the final grades and GPA count

What are the counselling services provided in SMU?

You can schedule an appointment with a professional counsellor from Mrs Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Centre ( Alternatively, you can always approach the friendly Peer Helpers at the Cosy Haven (located just further behind the Counselling Centre).


How do I go about using the LCD screens in SMU?

You may choose to play images or videos (in .wmv/.avi/.png formats only). Send in your request to the Communications Secretary at

Where can I give my feedback?

You may let us know your feedback through our form at or email us directly at Alternatively, you may contact us via our social media on Instagram and Facebook.

Where will my feedback be channelled to?

The feedback through the form and email will be managed by the Honorary General Secretary department, and directed to the relevant departments in the ExCo. On Instagram, direct messages sent will be managed by the Communications department. Do indicate your name and student email in order for us to get back to you. We will not be able to address feedback submitted anonymously.

How do I become a writer for The Blue And Gold?

Look out for The Blue And Gold's recruitment emails.

Corporate Relations

How do I start looking for sponsorship for my events?

Please refer to the SMUSA Sponsorship Guidelines on the various do’s and don'ts when requesting for sponsorships. Do note that the final list of sponsors has to be cleared by the SMUSA Corporate Relations Secretary before the marketing of those sponsors.

What are the different sponsors I can approach for my events?

There is a list of companies that you can approach and those that you cannot. All these can be found in the SMUSA Sponsorship Guidelines.

I am interested in using the pushcart for a small start-up, how do I find out more information about it?

Please email with your business proposal.

What are the student privileges that Bizcom has for students?

All discount listings will be publicised through our Instagram, Facebook, Telegram as well as Bizcom’s website. Do follow us to receive updates about new discounts! Instagram: @smubizcom Facebook: @bizcom.smu Telegram: Website:

How do I go about advertising for non-student group activities? (Posters, EDMs, social media posts)

Bizcom offers various marketing services to external parties and events for a nominal fee. Please email to know more about our services. If you are interested in sponsorships, do feel free to contact us too!


How many events does SMUSA have in summer?

We have 3 signature events in the summer – Freshmen Orientation, Vivace (annual CCA Fair) and Bash (annual party event).

How do I sign up to be part of the Organising Committees for the summer events?

Organising Committees recruitment for the various SMUSA summer events opens around mid January, via emails sent by SMUSA. We promote the recruitment on our Instagram too, so do look out for it!

How do I sign up to be a facilitator for Freshmen Orientation?

Facilitator sign-ups open around the beginning of March, via emails sent out by Freshmen Orientation. If you miss the email, we promote the recruitment on our Instagram as well, so do look out for it!

How does my CCA sign-up for Vivace?

The Vivace Organising Committee sends out an invitation email and a sign-up form to all clubs and societies during the summer period, so do keep a lookout for it!

Are there any other events for the year?

SMUSA organises Biannual events that occur once every semester where we aim to connect with students through various activities and unique concepts. Take a peep at our Instagram (@sgsmusa) to have a look at our past events!

Will I be entitled to participate in the Biannual event?

As long as you are a matriculated SMU student, you are a member of SMUSA, and hence you will be entitled to participate! Do note that the event may be capped to a certain number of participants, thus participation may be on a first-come-first-serve basis.


What do I do if I need receipt booklets for my event/fundraising?

Please email the following details to at least 5 working days before your collection:

  • Intended usage of the receipt books (e.g. Selling of Merchandise/ Tickets/ Fundraising Items)
  • Number of receipt books needed
  • Estimated duration of usage and return of receipt books date
  • Person in-charge of the receipt books

How long is the lead time for requesting receipt booklets?

At least 5 working days in advance.

When do I have to return the receipt books?

By 5 working days after the event has concluded.

How do my CCA get fundings from the Budget Endorsement Meeting (BEM)?

Finance Secretaries from all CBds will gather the budget from all clubs and pitch it to the SMUSA Finance Committee during the BEM conducted once every term.


What is International Connections (ICON)?

Find out about ICON here.

Is ICON only for international students?

ICON is for everyone, regardless of your nationality. Over the years, ICON sees many Singaporeans joining because they want to make SMU into a diverse and inclusive home for all.

How do I become a member of ICON?

If you are an international student, you are automatically a member of ICON. If you are a Singaporean or Singapore PR, you can become a member of ICON by:

  • Joining the Organising Committee for any of the ICON signature events
  • Being a facilitator for ICON Camp
  • Joining the ExCo of any of the 12 ICON clubs or
  • Attending at least 2 ICON club events

If I am an exchange student, what can ICON do for me?

As an exchange student, you’re welcome to participate in all of ICON’s events/activities (except ICON Camp). ICON's SMU Buddy Programme is specially dedicated for exchange students to find a buddy mentor to guide you through your journey in SMU/Singapore, and learn about different people’s unique cultures and share yours with us!


How can I go about loaning assets from SMUSA?

Please read the Asset Loaning Standing Order found on the website and proceed on to fill up the Asset Loan Form The form response is to be forwarded to and within the same day of submitting the form. A Request ID will be sent to you as acknowledgement of the request. Once the assets are allocated, the Ops department uses the same request ID to send out the confirmation email.
Requesters should use the Request of Change template found on SMUSA’s Website should there be any changes in the inventory loaned, indicating the request ID allocated to them.

How early in advance can I book my logistics?

Users can only make an advance booking a maximum of 14 working days and a minimum of 4 working days prior to the requested loan date. As part of the SMUSA Operations Policy, this is to maintain a fair allocation of assets and prevention of asset hogging.

What timings and who can I contact regarding my collection and return of logistics?

The operating hours for the store will be 8AM-8PM, Mass collection timings for this semester at 10AM, 2.30PM and 7.00PM. The relevant POC will either be contacting you shortly after your confirmation or nearer to the indicated event date.
Please ensure that you notify the relevant POC of any late comings at least 1 hour before the allocated time. Additionally, please check the condition of the assets before signing them out.

How do I book SMUSA Hub?

Please read the Asset Loaning Standing Order found on the website. Thereafter, check the general booking schedules on SMUSA’s website for the booking schedule each month and proceed on to fill up the SMUSA Hub Booking Form The form response is to be forwarded to and within the same day of submitting the form. Once the bookings are confirmed, SMUSA Operations department will send you the confirmation email which consists of the SMUSA Hub Booking Contract Afterwhich, please send the signed contract back for your confirmation to be valid. Please ensure that you keep both a soft and print out a hard copy for yourself esp. during the times you plan to use the space.

How early in advance can I book a slot?

Users should make an advance booking in the minimum of 14 working days in advance prior to the requested booking date. All finalised bookings requests (Including change in booking date) that fall short of the 14 working days’ notice will have a lower priority. As part of the SMUSA Operations Policy, this is to practice fair allocation of slots and it leaves us with ample time for communication and deconfliction of bookings.

How can I book a booth space for my OCSP?

If you are booking it for your OCSP/CSP, you have to liaise with your C4SR project manager to book it for you.


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